Saturday, May 16, 2015


Beige sweater : H&M 
Leather brown leggings
Beige stilettos : LOUBOUTIN 
Bag with kittens applications 
Golden Watch : BY MARC JACOBS
Punk Golden Bracelets

Be fun. Be chic. Be fashion forward. All it takes is wearing your favorite creature and a little confidence. 
I love the quote of Maria Joudina-Robinson : “I don’t see anyone trying to take a cat with them in a handbag – good luck to them!” 

So... I tried to defy a little bit her saying by purchasing this adorable bag with kitties manual applications :D  It's defintely an item that I meowed about for a long time and I think you agree with me when I say that it's more than adorable 

And you ? Do you have any cat motif item in your closet ? Would you dare to wear it ? 


Ivana Split said...

I love cats...I'm trying to think of a DIY that would involve cats, maybe painting them on clothes? Anyhow, you look fantastic! love your bag with cat print.
...those brown leggings were made for you!
very elegant styling!

LOOK DU JOUR by Anna said...

Thank you for your words Ivana...
Your ideea for the DIY is fabulous... I think it's worth to try... let me know it when your work is done.. I would love to see the result


Melle Jax said...

Hey Anna,
I have to say that you are so pretty!<:
I love your blog! I had to follow!
All my love,

LOOK DU JOUR by Anna said...

Thank you Melle
Your work is pretty interesting too
Your smile is contagious


Marta said...

Love your outfit! The bag is so cute!

Made in Mauve said...

Great look. Fab bag

Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

nunù sofia said...

very beautiful the outfit, and you are like a model ;)
big hug to you.
Check it out my new post:

andy said...

Such a cute bag! I love your outfit :)

Yudani Pousada said...

Nice bag.


Renee Daredia said...

Love everything about this!